Are You Wasting Money on Ad-Hoc Bookings?

Are You Wasting Money on Ad-hoc Bookings?

As therapists starting out, the challenge to build a private practice can be overwhelming as the perennial search for new clients can seem somewhat hard and consuming. One of the risks I took when I was starting out was to be a saving grace in getting clients. I regularly committed to a block booking at a location I loved, felt safe and good enough to invite clients into. It made all the difference, because suddenly I had a different and more confident way of telling clients where I could be found.

When therapists hear the words block booking they often associate the method with financial commitment and contracts. That was my experience until I realised it was costing more financially to book ad-hoc than agree to a block booking. The same way I took a leap of faith in my commitment to train as a psychotherapist, I made a decision to agree to a block booking. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my psychotherapy business.

I have learnt as a UKCP psychotherapist and clinical supervisor by consistently showing up with my time and energy, clients show up too.

So, can we consider block booking a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy for therapists?

I believe that block booking is a self-fulfilling prophecy for therapists because it can give you a space to work from; a way to be consistent; and has an intangible impact on how you show up. I feel that as therapists, we should confidently hold the expectation that we will grow our practice and put forth a specific action plan to increase our clientele.

If you would like to experience bringing in a level of business confidence and create a work life balance for your practice, trial a block booking period and see what difference it makes for you; your clients; your peace of mind and your practice.

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