Couples Counselling Therapist in London

If you are struggling with relationship problems such as not feeling loved, not getting along or are having trust issues please don’t wait another day contact me on 07938435233.

Couples Therapy

When your relationship hurts, you hurt.

You try to communicate, but it always ends up in an argument. You’re dealing with the same problems over and over again, but you can’t find resolution. You’re missing that feeling of closeness, intimacy, and passion. You want a better relationship, but you feel like you’ve tried everything to get it. Where do you go from here?

The relationship you want is within reach.

It takes dedication and conscious effort, but you can have the relationship of your dreams. As your couples therapist, I want to help you identify the obstacles and struggles that keep you from having the relationship you want. That includes creating a healthier relationship with yourself, as well as with the important people in your life.

Relationships can be a great challenge for some couple with many never daring to discuss how they truly feel inside. Couples counselling provides a safe and confidential space for individuals to explore the current problems that they are facing. It can provide a structure for both parties to nourish and build on what works in the relationship. Many relationships benefit in a big way from using couples counselling and use it as a way to sort out minor issues in the relationship before they grow into arguments and resentments. The process is not about blame. As your facilitator I will support both parties to step back from what is not working in the relationship in order to understand the relationship dynamics. Couples can ask for therapy at particular times of crisis or in order to improve an ongoing relationship. I see couples from different backgrounds, cultures, sexual orientation and marital status.

Couples therapy is also suitable for couples going through separation and divorce. In order to begin to let go of the hurts and resentments, it is useful to try and understand what may have contributed to the breakdown of the relationship.

Couples therapy can be for a fixed number of sessions or it can take place over a longer period of time.