Put Down Your Pain

Put Down Your Pain


Put Down Your Pain

I was so happy to hear from women who reached out to myself and Dee Albert after my blog on “Are You Worth It” was published. Many shared no longer wanting to adopt the stance of “know your place” that has been subconsciously communicated to them. Many shared experiencing traumas that they have felt powerless to prevent. Some women have had to live with the agony and its aftermath without dealing with the fear and anger.

Some expressed a desire to “put down their pain” because they have suffered for too long. I believe if black women can begin to understand how their historical influences illuminate their current problems, they can begin to gain better insights and make different choices.  Many women bear physical and emotional scars. These wounds of the heart, soul and spirit are often left untreated, can fester corrupting the body and mind.

Popular distorted relationship beliefs are:

  • any man is better than no man
  • its normal to be in an unfulfilling relationship
  • ongoing hurt is part of love

Often without realising it society sends us messages that being black and being female are not important. While many of us feel the double bind, few of us understand it. As a consequence, black women out of awareness are having to protect their own identity, in order to not fit in with the stereotypical labels.

Group Therapy

Silent Echoes are here to support women to speak their truths and allow themselves to breathe. Our shallow breathing in times of stress can take us out of our window of tolerance.

We are is actively working to empower black women to make their well-being a priority, without shame and stigma. We are aware that trauma doesn’t go away, it just comes back through another door.

The Silent Echoes Support groups are more affordable than individual therapy and through listening and sharing, together we can start to relieve isolation.

Please email to register interest for April Group.

Starting on April 25th 2019, for 10 weeks

7pm to 8.30pm

The Minster Centre

20 Lonsdale Rd, Queens Park NW6 6RD

Contact for further information

Dee on 07958 710 694

[email protected]

Sam 07938 435 233

[email protected]







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