Self Worth & Therapy

Self Worth & Therapy



Self-Worth & Therapy

Many people question whether they should take time from their busy week and from those who depend on them to take care of their emotional health.

“I don’t have time.”

“It’s too expensive.”

“How will talking to someone about my problems help me?”

Do these reasons for not going or putting off therapy sound familiar? Before many people end up in a therapy session, many go through this very thought process. There is a common, underlying theme here and that is your belief about your self-worth and whether you feel you are truly are worthy of this therapeutic space of self-care and healing. Self-worth is the opinion you have about yourself and the value you place on yourself.

Many hesitate to make the financial investment in therapy and question the efficacy of the therapy process itself. Many wonder how talking to someone about their problems will alleviate their distress. The irony is that these doubts reveal a core concern that likely should be addressed in therapy.

It is possible that the accumulation of life stress coupled with failure to engage in self-care could be contributing to your symptoms and emotional concerns. Therefore, working on your self-worth could be an important key to your overall healing and what better way to begin this process than with the help of a therapist.

When you give of yourself whether it be to your job, your home life, your family and loved ones, and to the numerous other commitments and responsibilities in your life, you may find that you tend to leave your own needs on the back burner.

This causes your self-care needs to grow and become more evident through your emotions, feelings, and behaviours. You may find that you become more fatigued, down, or sad; you might feel frustrated and have difficulty coping with even small, every day stressors; or you may feel irritable and angry, believing you have too much on your plate and not enough support.


Therapy is your time and space to care for yourself. It is an environment where you can let go of the pressures you have been holding onto. It’s the place to explore ways to heal and begin to value the importance of your own wellbeing and emotional health.

Next time you consider seeing a therapist and find yourself immediately thinking of all the reasons why you should not go, consider instead the many reasons you should. You deserve to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy a life where you can feel energised, free, and capable of coping with life’s challenges because you are worth it.

Samantha Carbon

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Psychotherapist – MSc Psych, PTSTA (P), CTA (P), UKCP, MBACP

Clinical Supervisor

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