Work On You For You – Why Self Care Matters

Work On You For You – Why Self Care Matters



“Taking care of yourself should be a priority”.

That’s my advice to all my clients.  There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first and making sure that your emotional wellbeing comes first.

“You are of no use to anybody else when you are not good to yourself”. Now I can hear the naysayers saying “Sam, that’s easier said than done”.

Maybe you have grown up in a family where you have been expected to take care of everybody else. So, the thought of you saying that you matter and that you are important may feel radical.

When you give of yourself whether it be to your job, your home life, your family and loved ones, and to the numerous other commitments and responsibilities in your life, you may find that you tend to leave your own needs on the back burner.

Therefore, working on your self-care could be an important key to your overall wellbeing. The accumulation of life stress coupled with failure to engage in self-care can contribute to many symptoms and emotional concerns.

We cannot be good to other people…

if our health is declining. We cannot be good to others if we are unhappy. We cannot be good to children, to our spouses or partners, to our job and our career if we are not emotionally and mentally and physically healthy.  Prioritising self-care and prioritising health allow us to be a better member of our family and community. As we women take on so much of other people’s loads, be sure to put your wellbeing first.

Join Silent Echoes Self Care workshop on Saturday 26th October 2019 to learn more about self-care. Whether your form of recharging and caring for yourself involves, taking some alone time, or simply reading a book or seeing a health professional, register for the self-care workshop to learn more how self-care can positively impact you and the way you interact with others.


Or reach out to Sam Carbon or Dee Albert.


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