Sharing Can Be Healing

Sharing Can Be Healing


Group therapy has proven to be just as effective as individual therapy. Being part of a group can offer insights. For some, opening up and showing vulnerability can be easy, but for others it may be harder. This is why Silent Echoes has set up therapy groups for women of African and Caribbean heritage.

By interacting with others individuals can support each other to consider options with some of life’s challenges around mental health, selfcare, work dynamics, relationships, family and home life.

When people have problems, they often seek help from friends and relatives before turning to a professional. At Silent Echoes we want to create a space for individuals to reach out. Group members can provide emotional support when they can compliment and encourage one another to express any concerns.

Your Space

The space to listen and share with each other, without offering criticism in a non-judgemental, confidential environment can be much needed.

Our therapy group is passionate about helping women to gain peace and empowerment. It’s a space where women can gather and be free from the marginalisations that often permeate other spaces they occupy.

In addition, it’s a group where women can be their authentic selves;  simply be; and where they can reclaim parts of the self that may have often been repressed.

We have been overwhelmed by the amount of support and recognition from those who may not embody an understanding of why women of African and Caribbean heritage need this space. However, many have been able to cultivate a compassion for our experiences.

Our Beliefs

Contrary to our beliefs, none of us are alone in our struggles. Emotions will arise and there maybe levels of confusion, however the safe space is provided so individuals can sit with what they are afraid to allow.

Therefore, by being given a space to breathe there is a possibility of healing. Being in a therapy group can offer a sense of belonging and it can reinforce a sense of worthiness.

If you are interested in joining the next therapy group which starts on Thursday 25th April in Queens Park, NW6, please do reach out to Sam Carbon 07938 435 233 or Dee Albert on 07958 710 694 or click here to register








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