Because I’m Worth It

Because I’m Worth It


Because I’m Worth It

As we approach the end of 2018, everywhere you turn in the New Year, there will be advice on how to maintain physical health.  Nevertheless, when was the last time you came across an advert promoting mental health and wellbeing?

Let’s be clear. Not everyone who goes to therapy has a mental illness. That’s right. However, there are two barriers to seeking therapy.  The first is shame and the second is cost.  As the topic of mental health moves from the side lines to national conversation, discussing emotions and feelings is still a touchy subject.

Silent Echoes is actively working to empower black women to make their well-being a priority, without shame and stigma. We believe by learning to recognise your own strengths along with understanding the meaning of self-care, is an important first step to seeking therapy.

Many individuals attend therapy for emotional maintenance, relationship issues and situations relating to life changes.

The Silent Echoes Support groups are more affordable than individual therapy.  They are run by professional practitioners.  The great thing about the Silent Echoes groups is meeting other women of colour who are struggling with similar issues, which can create a safe, validating space.


As a result, through listening and sharing, together we can start to relieve isolation, improve self-awareness, increase self-esteem and address unhelpful patterns of behaviour and thinking.  It is an investment in your life and it can bring a great return.

The slogan made famous by L’Oréal, was recently echoed to me by a client as we ended our session, she told me  “Sam, I am worth it”.  The client shared that therapy helped her to become more aware of her situation, along with gaining coping skills and accountability.

To conclude, Silent Echoes encourages women to shift their thinking,  to recognise that long-term wellness, outweighs the brief discomfort of a conversation about cost, shame and other taboos.   At Silent Echoes we believe anything is possible if we claim our own power and we have the belief that all women have something worthy to say.



***January Group is full*** Please email to register interest for April Group.

Starting on April 25th 2019, for 10 weeks

7pm to 8.30pm

The Minster Centre

20 Lonsdale Rd, Queens Park NW6 6RD

Contact for further information

Dee on 07958 710 694

[email protected]

Sam 07938 435 233

[email protected]







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