Samantha Carbon - UKCP London Psychotherapist

“We are all work in progress,” – While many people feel psychotherapy is not for them, can you consider it as an investment to yourself?


My name is Samantha Carbon and I’m the founder of Samantha Carbon Therapy and Baker Street Therapy in London. I became interested in the area of psychotherapy after more than 25 years of working in the investment banking world and while volunteering with Victim Support. I had felt a desire to support others and I was no longer feeling challenged in the corporate environment. The time was right to seek retraining as a UKCP TA Psychotherapist at London’s Metanoia Institute – one of the world’s most renowned institutions. 

And, that’s what I am doing today

I earned a Masters’ degree in TA Psychotherapy. I am UKCP accredited and MBACP registered. I work as a relational psychotherapist and clinical supervisor using my people skills gained in the corporate world and voluntary world to support individuals in reducing their stress, develop reasonable and practical goals and encourage them to make better choices for themselves.

I’ve written for numerous publications – Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, The Daily Telegraph, Glamour and Stylist, to name a few. I also wrote and published two books: “All That Glitters” (2010) and “Sons and Daughters: A View to Understanding Transgender Issues” (2017). Both books are available on the Amazon website. I am a regular blogger for Psychologies Magazine platform LifeLabs

I currently work in the London area: Shoreditch, Barbican, Ruislip, and London Baker Street W1.

Why Do People Seek Psychotherapy Treatment?

People often seek professional help when they no longer understand who they are, or cannot move forward with their lives and are unable to handle their emotions constructively. Anybody suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction, gender dysphoria, cultural challenges, loss, bereavement, confusion, sexual abuse, anger, fear, shame, sadness or who are unable to maintain a healthy relationship for any reason can benefit from therapy.

Why Should You Choose Me For Your Psychotherapy Needs?

I take an individualised approach to relational psychotherapy supporting my clients to regain control over their lives. As a therapist, I listen closely to my clients concerns and address them with a plan that’s tailored specifically to their needs and desires. Together, we get to the heart of their feelings – be it anger, disappointment, fear, etc. – safely and in a controlled way.

I work with anyone who needs and seeks help, supporting them to restore their life’s balance so that they may be a better version of themselves. It’s not uncommon to be caught up in society’s expectations that we lose our own. My role is to provide you with insight and tools that remind you that no one else comes first but you.

If you’re fed up of letting your emotions rule your life, I invite you to get the support you need to gain control over them now and – to live that better life you only dreamed was possible.

My counselling and psychotherapy services are provided in a judgment-free environment. My clients, who have been dealing with their troubles on their own, feel a weight has been lifted off their shoulders after we are able to get to the root of their problems. There’s no reason to fear the future when we deal with your past in the present!

Anybody can suffer from mental health or emotional distress at any time in their life. I believe it’s how you handle such stress and mental instability that speaks volumes. When you’re dealing with these problems or suffering from a lack of self-confidence that affects your ability to face life full steam ahead, psychotherapy may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

It’s time to take back your life and give yourself a better present and future. Don’t you think you deserve it?