Let’s work some magic together…

Do you want to change your life circumstances and reach for your dreams? I can help you find clarity, identify obstacles, set goals and move forward to a brighter future full of freedom. 

It maybe your career, relationship, personal development or lifelong dream – I’m here to guide you and give you the tools you need to take your life to the next level.

I will be your mirror, to all you love and all you fear!

Check out my offerings below:

High Dare High Care

Join my 1-1 coaching program, designed to beat your imposter for good and expand your life in all areas – financially, emotionally and physically!

We focus on:

  • freedom from your inner critic
  • healthy boundaries
  • no more comfort zone
  • abundance amplification
  • unconditional self-love

Childless & Fabulous

1-1 coaching program to help you not only come to terms with not having children, but to let your fabulous light shine in all the ways you deserve!

  • inner child healing
  • self compassion and forgiveness
  • finding your passions
  • reclaiming the mothering energy
  • taking leadership of your life


Take a look a what some of my clients have said about me…


“When you need help and feeling depressed- go to Sam. Such a kind and great listener, full of empathy.

A shining star who is helping many to survive.”


“Whether it is in your personal or professional life, Sam’s incredible talent lies in her ability to assist you with identifying and sometimes acknowledging the source of your pain, she accompanied me on the path of self-healing.”


“I did not have the emotional arsenal, nor did I understand my patterns and the process of how to change my responses to my circumstances. In the two years that I have worked with Sam I have come to value and appreciate her insight, empathy and true committment. Sam tells it like it is sometimes before i was ready to hear it. Sam has been extremely valuable in helping me identify and build my strengths.”

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