RACE programme for individuals

Do you know how to talk about anti-racism?

Today, more than ever, racism, racial bias and racial sensitivity are hot topics in both our professional and our personal lives.
As a person, how do you feel when people around you talk about anti-racism?

Do you want to join the conversation but afraid that, no matter what you say, you maybe judged?

Do you find it safer and convenient to say nothing at all? As a manager, do you know how to nurture an Anti-Racism environment in your organization?

Do you know how to reassure employees who have been victims of racism and racial bias?

Do you know how to begin the conversation, or you’re concerned that you’ll make people defensive and uncomfortable? Racism has been around for too long and has negatively impacted too many lives. More than ever before, now is a great time to have Anti-Racism conversations, become aware of our attitudes towards race, ask ourselves hard questions and face our racial biases and deeply rooted beliefs.


My name is Sam Carbon and I am an Anti-Racism facilitator. 

I work with individuals and corporations, one-on-one or in a group setting, to assist them in taking the first step towards Anti-Racist conversations, practices and relationships.

I believe that Compassion, Accountability, Resistance and Empathy (C.A.R.E.) are the building blocks of an Anti-Racist belief system — within us and in our workplaces.

I offer a unique and unlikely combination of skills. I have an Investment Banking background and a Masters Degree in Relational Psychotherapy. 

I am aware of the complex and nuanced nature of human feelings and beliefs.

In my sessions, I create a judgment-free, safe and nurturing space for individuals to explore their beliefs, identify their racial biases and work towards eliminating them, while embracing their own uniqueness and diversity.

As someone who has both participated in systemic racism and has been the recipient of racism, I am able to authentically engage with my clients and groups. Through empathy, understanding and respect, I support them through the examination of their preconceived ideas and shifting perspectives. In the process of our work, we dismantle unconscious racial bias and achieve transformation.


We live in restless times but it is in these times when we have the greatest opportunity for change. Now is the time to look within ourselves, open our minds and hearts and appreciate the diversity that surrounds us. Through embracing our own uniqueness, we’ll learn to embrace the uniqueness of others. Through transforming ourselves, we’ll transform our workplace, too, and make it not only free of racism but a place where Anti-Racism thrives!