Areas of Therapeutic Services

I have helped clients undergoing challenges of all shapes and sizes but have particular expertise in: Anxiety; Addiction; Sexuality and Gender Confusion; Bereavement & Loss; Stress & Anger Management, and Couples Therapy

Loss & Bereavement

Loss & Bereavement

Often clients who come to see me for support at a time where they have lost a loved one have broader concerns; I believe that bereavement opens the door to addressing many other worries.

Therapy for addiction in london


I have extensive experience working with clients battling a host of addictions relating to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, eating, exercise, self-harm and workaholism

Stress & Anger Management

Stress & Anger Management

I have supported many clients through redundancy, job loss and the pressures of a promotion as well as everyday stress caused by the corporate world and home life.

The aim of therapy is to help you to:

I practice in Shoreditch, Barbican, Ruislip and Baker Street. Appointments can be requested via the Contact page booking form or email [email protected]

I have recently launched a new therapy practice, located just four minutes walk from Baker Street station and close to Harley Street. For more information please visit the Baker Street Therapy website. Daytime slots now available at Baker Street Practice.

Appointment times range from 10am – 8pm. All appointments must be booked in advance.

I am an approved and recognised healthcare provider for employee assistance providers AXA PPP/AVIVA/VALIDIUM/WPA

Our weekly Couselling Sessions

Each appointment is 50 minutes long. These are held on a weekly basis at a consistent date & time as agreed with you. It’s essential that a regular routine is established for our sessions, for progress to be achieved, so we can build on our developments each week. While some problems are eased by short-term therapy, most clients gain more from a longer therapy experience. The cost per session is £60 for Ruislip, £70 for Shoreditch and Barbican and £85 for Baker Street.

What do I expect from you? A few words on my relationships with my clients

“I am constantly inspired by my clients and their developments, but one can only move forward if one is ready to look back. I work with my clients to establish the root cause of their anxiety and sometimes this can mean revisiting the past, and difficult memories. I treat my clients with the utmost respect but what I do ask for is honesty and a willingness to explore emotions. I assure you of my sensitivity and a non judgemental approach”

On-going appointments

These are held on a weekly basis at a consistent date & time as agreed with you. It’s essential that a regular routine is established for our sessions for progress to be achieved and so we can build on our developments each week. If you cannot make a session, cancellation must be made 48 hours in advance, otherwise the appointment will have to be chargable.

What can you expect from me?

My commitment

“I am here to support you through whatever it is that is keeping you up at night; causing you anxiety and causing you stress. I will work with you to support you to get to the root of your emotions; to see if we can define why you are feeling this way; and find ways that you can move on. My clients tell me I’m a good listener and I’ve supported them to find clarity and new ways of thinking about things. My commitment to you is to listen to you and support you to move forward. I offer therapy that focuses on providing you with tools to better deal with life’s stresses and challenges. As your psychotherapist I can support you to make the change you desire. I will endeavour to give you my utmost attention, protection, support, honesty, integrity and respect. I am on your side. I believe that there are many reasons for all behaviour and if understood can lead to important insight and health.”